Friday, February 18, 2011

My responce to Sen Nelson

February 17, 2011
Dear Lisa,


A bipartisan group of the state's political and business leaders have pursued high-speed rail in Florida for decades, because it means more than $2.4 billion in economic aid, thousands of construction jobs and a modern transportation link between several of the state’s largest cities. That’s why I support it. I’m joined by state lawmakers and many members of Florida's congressional delegation, who also question the governor’s decision to kill high-speed rail. One is U.S. Rep. John Mica, the Winter Park Republican who chairs the House Transportation Committee. Also, federal transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, a Republican, has expressed disappointment. If Florida doesn’t take the money, another state will. So, some of us will look for ways to save the rail project. Meantime, please don’t hesitate to pass along your thoughts. Click here for a video with more information


Dear Mr. Nelson,
I had a lot of respect for you since I met you when you were the insurance commissioner of Fl, But for the life of me I can't understand why you have changed so much since, I a 68 year old, neither a Rep or a Dem, I live on $700 a month SS and willing to tighten my belt even tighter for the sake of saving this beloved US of A from ruin. Very simple, we have tried Stim 1-2 unemployment hasn't changed & at a standstill 9%+. The Deficit is almost 15T and rising by the minute.
You want high speed rail? You remind me of the big spender that is maxed on his CC but wants to go out and buy a Lamborghini, WHAT A JOKE!! Just look at Amtrak (Gove leach) what in the world is a speed train from Tampa to Miami going to produce?  A flight takes 20Min cost $49.00 how can you beat that?
 If you really want Americans to have jobs have privet sector & industries come to Fl, This State is paradise for entrepreneurs, privet sector & industries,
Mr. Nelson I will not allow anyone to burden my children and grand children with a deficit, taxes and most of all a dismal future for our country.
I will take this opportunity and whole heatedly bid you a happy and restful retirement.
Thanks again for thinking of me.
Lisa Cohen 


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  2. Dear Nona Lisa

    All the power to You . Just keep at them.
    When they say this /
    "If Florida doesn’t take the money, another state will. So, some of us will look for ways to save the rail project"

    You know that they are the carrier of the spending disease that will kill The U.S.A

    Your No. Fan



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